At Frisch informal education is not extracurricular; it is an indispensable element of the Frisch Experience. The Frisch School believes that hard work, the pursuit of intellectual and religious excellence, and good old-fashioned fun are not only compatible; they create the most hospitable environment in which teenagers can grow and feel good about themselves.

AISAC-  The American Israel Student Action Committee

Israel Activism is a major component of our formal and informal education programs on and off campus. Educating students about Israel and giving them the skills to advocate on its behalf is a core value at Frisch. AISAC’s goal is to work with the faculty and in conjunction with courses in the Torah Studies and History Departments to educate the student body about Israel’s past and present, as well as to help students become knowledgeable and proficient defenders of Israel. AISAC promotes Israel awareness within the Frisch community and the Jewish community at large.


Kahal is the school’s student-run Tzedakah organization.  Each year, Kahal conducts a series of fundraisers and Tzedakah drives which raise tens of thousands of dollars for causes selected by our students, which are meaningful to the Frisch community.

Band Workshop

This  music program is specifically designed for the new player who needs instruction in the fundamentals of music performance. Students work in a group setting and work on developing playing techniques used in Performance Ensemble and Jazz Band.

Drama Society

The Drama Society is famous for its annual spring production.  During the school year, students study acting methodology, script/character analysis, directing techniques, set/light design, theatrical protocol, mime and improvisation.  Publicity, lighting/sound, set/props, production assistants, and tech staff are just some of the essential committees needed to ensure the success of the play.

Film Club

Students in film club study and critique films, learning about film techniques, genre, charachter and plot development. Social commentary and specific directors and producers are studied as well.

Dance Club

Women in all four grades work together to learn and prepare dances in preparation for school performances and other competitions.

Art Club: Studio Art, Sculpture and Fashion

The Frisch Art Club gives students a forum to express their artistic talents.  Students can study media which include: acrylic paint and canvas, advanced pastel work, charcoal, pencil, watercolor, mixed media wire and other two and three-dimensional media.  Instruction is individualized and based on student interest.  Technical skill development in realistic drawing, perspective and advanced color theory is also available.  Fashion  students learn basic sewing, fashion illustration, draw and study fashion from different eras.

Chessed Society

The goal of the Chessed Society is to improve Frisch students’ sense of themselves by enhancing the lives of others.  Chessed Society’s projects include, but are not limited to: Linking The Generations (Monthly and holiday visits to local senior citizens residences to provide programming and companionship); peer tutoring; food drives for Thanksgiving and Pesach; Chanukah toy drive; YACHAD and Friendship Circle events.

Photography Club

Students study the process of photography, camera technique, composition, light, color contrast and harmony, space, texture and other artistically useful perceptions. Students are also introduced to digital cameras and computer manipulation of photographs.  They also study various genres of photography including photojournalism, black and white, portrait, landscape, nature and cityscape.

Poetry Club

The Poetry Club meets once a month and is comprised of two types of audiences.  For the student who would like to learn more about poetry, different types of contemporary American poetry are read and discussed during the meetings.  For the student poets who would like to improve their poetry writing skills, the club offers a sympathetic audience to critique their work.


Members of the Frisch choir, under the direction of   professional musicians,   work on repertoires  from Broadway shows, movie scores, contemporary artists, the great American songbook, as well as Jewish and and Israeli composers. Students are instructed in the art of  group harmony singing as well as solo techniques and perform at Frisch and community events.

Jazz Singers

This is a smaller group ensemble that specializes in the works of the great jazz composers of the past as well as the new contemporary jazz composers. The group emulates the singing styles of The Manhattan Transfer, Take 6, and the Pied Pipers. Students are instructed in the use of advanced harmonies and vocal techniques.

Performance Ensemble

This instrumental group performs works from classical compositions thru contemporary orchestrations. In the past they have performed the works of JS Bach as well as The Rock opera “Tommy”. Students are given instruction on how to read and interpret written music and perform in a group setting.

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