Annual Grade Seminars are created to enable students to develop leadership skills and foster critical thinking, to imbue a greater love of Judaism and a greater connection to Klal Yisrael, and to reinforce the sense of family and community which our students treasure. These seminars offer our students a chance to bond in an out-of-school setting and to discuss issues that typically affect students during those years.  The learning and growth which occurs on these retreats, provides some of the most memorable and meaningful moments of our students’ educational experience.  Upon returning to school, the students integrate the lessons learned on retreat back into the classroom and the school community, helping to make Frisch a unique high school environment where everyone feels comfortable with each other and are able to establish their personal role in the school community.


Shiriyah is an integral part of the intellectual, religious, and communal life of all the students and adults who spend their days at Frisch. It is a multi-disciplined program with a religious theme in which every single student in the school participates and during which our students have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their Torah knowledge and musical and artistic skills, and, just as important, their leadership skills, their ability to work as a team and their unparalleled school and class spirit.

Educational Programming and Chagigot

Throughout the school year, there are also many educational programs on a variety of topics. Each of these programs is geared towards helping teens grapple with various social and religious issues in a meaningful and inspiring way, such as our annual Teshuva Program. Many of these programs are age and grade specific. While there is plenty of singing, dancing and Ru’ach, many Frisch Chagigot also include an educational component that teaches our students about important issues in a unique and challenging way. Student involvement in the planning and implementation of many informal education programs plays a major role in their effectiveness and popularity.

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