• Simone Tassler
    Simone TasslerClass of 2017, Paramus, NJ"Every morning I wake up and put a smile on my face because I know I'm going to have an AMAZING day in Frisch."
    • Lauren Schaum
      Lauren SchaumClass of 2016, Monsey, NY“Frisch’s female Judaic teachers are always there for me.  I know I can go to them whenever I need anything.  They make time for me during lunch and free periods  to learn with me and to discuss whatever is on my mind.  It’s so nice to know that there is always someone in my corner.”
      • Madison Fischman
        Madison FischmanClass of 2017, Spring Valley, NY"As an incoming freshman, of a small feeder school, one of the things I was most worried about was making new friends. Everyone, not only the freshman, was so nice and reached out. After less than a week of school I already have a group of friends and few of them went to the same school as me the year before. I have no clue why I was so worried."
        • Talia Bardash
          Talia BardashClass of 2015, Teaneck, NJ"I loved Chessed Days at Frisch. The smiles and gratitude that the residents at Care One expressed towards the Frisch students made me see how meaningful every act of kindness is. I was most inspired by speaking with a man who visited his wife, who was suffering from Alzheimer's, every day and made it his mission to make her happy. I, too, wanted to brighten her day and it was really gratifying to see the impact that we had.
          • Dora Makarov
            Dora MakarovClass of 2016, Spring Valley, NYI love being a member of the art club.  Mrs. Mantell teaches up about so many different mediums of art, including: sketching, painting, sculpture and portraiture.  I really see my skills improving.
            • Rebecca Nussbaum
              Rebecca NussbaumClass of 2016, Teaneck, NJ"Frisch is amazing. It has so many options & amazing teachers. I have met so many people in Frisch, some of my best friends I only met last year but it feels like I've known them forever. The feeling that everyone's there to help you is the best. Incredible programs, trips, SHIRIYAH- the indescribable feelings when the whole school is united as one."
              • Harry Ottensoser
                Harry OttensoserClass of 2016, Englewood, NJ"I love how the teachers not only help you learn the material, but push you to levels you didn’t know you were capable of.”
                • Isaac Selter
                  Isaac SelterClass of 2014, Monsey, NYBeing around diverse backgrounds and philosophies every day for four years allowed me to express my religiosity freely while encountering others', leading to an experience of limitless spiritual enrichment
                  • Hannah Swieca
                    Hannah SwiecaClass of 2014, New York, NY"The relationship I created with the female teachers at Frisch is so unique. They serve as great role models and guide you not only in school, but in life in general. I went to my Mrs. Besser’s house for Shabbos and had the most amazing experience spending time with her and her family. The relationships I created go far beyond my career at Frisch and I know that I will keep in touch with them for many years to come."
                    • Michael Reinhart
                      Michael ReinhartClass of 2015, Teaneck, NJ"Frisch is the most unbelievable school I have ever been a part of. The opportunities presented to me by the faculty and my peers were incomparable. I could be part of numerous clubs, teams, and classes, and express myself in each. Frisch let me be my own person, and do what I love to do."
                      • Rebecca Barel
                        Rebecca BarelClass of 2017, Englewood, NJ"The thing that makes Frisch special is that it is about us. Not me, but us. At Frisch, the entire faculty is dedicated to helping us develop not just individually, but together as a grade and a school."
                        • Amanda Nussbaum
                          Amanda NussbaumClass of 2015, Teaneck, NJ"Frisch is amazing because it's main focus is making everyone feel at home and creating a family. The teachers don't only care about academics but they also care about our outside lives."
                          • Andrew Langer
                            Andrew LangerClass of 2016, Scarsdale, NY“Playing on the basketball team and in IFL (intramural football league) have been great experiences for me at Frisch.  I’ve learned how to work as part of a team and have made a lot of friends with kids in other grades.”
                            • Zachary Abraham
                              Zachary AbrahamClass of 2016, Teaneck, NJ“Frisch classes are really engaging and our teachers encourage us to express our ideas and challenge our classmates.”
                              • Liat Greenwood
                                Liat GreenwoodClass of 2015, West Orange, NJ"When choosing where I would be spending the next four years of my life I had a long list of things to consider. Ultimately, I chose Frisch because I thought it would be the best school for me academically. Not only was I absolutely right, but Frisch was the best school for me intellectually, socially, and religiously as well."
                                • Maya Greenbaum
                                  Maya GreenbaumClass of 2017, Teaneck, NJ"Frisch really helps you feel comfortable and you quickly become part of the frisch family. Frisch also has so many extracurriculars that are fun and exciting."
                                  • David Kirsch
                                    David KirschClass 2016, Teaneck, NJ“Shiriyah at Frisch is an unparalleled experience.  The Ruach and excitement around the school makes it a week like no other.  It’s an opportunity to make new friends and unite as a grade, as everyone contributes their own talents.”
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