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At Frisch, we combine our world-class academic program with outstanding and caring teachers and countless opportunities to explore your passion outside the formal classroom — all within an unbelievable 14-acre campus. When we bring all these elements together, we create something greater than the sum of its parts. We create The Frisch Experience.

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Experience Academic Excellence

Frisch students are not passive recipients of information; they are active learners who acquire, analyze, synthesize, articulate and apply knowledge. Everything we do in each of our disciplines is designed to contribute to this process, and this process takes precedence over the specific nature of any discipline. At Frisch we teach students, not subjects.

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Experience Religious Growth

The goal in all Limudei Kodesh classes at Frisch to foster love and enthusiasm for Talmud Torah both as a means of developing one’s relationship with HaKadosh Barukh Hu and as a spiritually enhancing intellectual endeavor. Appreciation for serious study of Judaic texts and internalization of the ethical/moral, that is, of the religious values which emerge from Sifrei Kodesh are facilitated through a warm relationship with Rebbe’im and teachers who are not only excellent pedagogues but also are role models of Torah values and lifestyle.

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Experience Individual Attention
& Recognition

Frisch is a family of young men and women, each of whom is a unique person with his/her own strengths, traits, abilities and needs. Of course, Frisch has religious, academic and intellectual goals for all of our students, but we revel in the myriad ways our students develop as individuals. We take great pride in the role Frisch plays in ensuring that each student achieves his/her own individual potential. We provide students with a broad network of guidance personnel and programs, formal and informal, which throughout the years support and enhance each student’s experience at The Frisch School.

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Experience an Amazing Campus

The 14 acre Henry & Esther Swieca Family Campus, The Mordecai and Monique Katz Academic Building and The Zayat Athletic Center provide the Frisch community with space in which to learn, greater opportunities through which to grow, and better tools with which to teach. Modern technology meshes with the values of Modern Orthodoxy in an environment that preserves the warmth and close-knit communal ambiance which has and continues to be a hallmark of The Frisch School.

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Experience Extra-Curricular Activities

Frisch truly is the school that never sleeps. Students are involved in a myriad of activities throughout the day and into evenings and weekends. Some of the most exciting and educationally enriching aspects of one’s high school experience take place outside the classroom and after regular school hours.  The Frisch School encourages each of our students to explore and develop his/her talents in the areas of artistic creativity, journalism and writing, athletics, community service and Chessed, scientific discovery, politics, and so much more.

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Experience Experiential Education

Beyond guiding our students in their pursuit of academic success, the faculty and staff at Frisch also work to cultivate our students’ religious, emotional and social development. Through student programming and activities, students are immersed in opportunities for learning well beyond traditional classroom education. The intellectual, religious and interpersonal skills students develop as they create and participate through these events and programs are as important as the lessons learned in a more formal setting.  The unique nature of these programs is enhanced by the students’ integral role in the planning and implementation process. The Chagigot, seminars and spontaneous programs provide the Ru’ach and cultivate a love of Judaism that is so essential to the atmosphere our students experience every day at Frisch.

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