Talmud education in Frisch helps students begin to gain an appreciation of the Halakhic system, that is, how we get from a Passuk in the Torah, to Mishnah and Gemara, and then on to the final P’sak as made normative by Rishonim and Acharonim. A corollary to this appreciation of how Halakha develops is the ability and  desire to engage in the study of Talmud on a level appropriate to one’s ability throughout one’s life. We expose students to a broad cross section of Talmud, ranging from Moed to Nezikin, always keeping in mind that what we teach needs to be relevant to their daily lives—even when that relevance is not readily apparent to the student.

The most important facet that we hope to achieve is a love of Torah She-ba’al Peh and an appreciation for its beauty and complexity. As the study of Talmud provides access to our treasured Mesorah, the hope is that our students will become the next link in our chain of the oral law.

Torah Study at The Frisch School extends well beyond the confines of the classroom.  An important additional component of Talmud Torah at Frisch is a variety of Torah L’Shma opportunities which allow for our students’ intellectual and spiritual growth.

The Bayrish Schreiber Mishmar Program

Each Thursday evening, at the conclusion of the regular school day, students gather in our Beit Midrash for The Bayrish Schreiber Mishmar Program. Each week another of our talented faculty introduces students to key ideas in Parashat HaShavua or a relevant Halakhic issue, presents them with sources for Chavruta study, and then concludes with a brief Shiur. A particularly striking aspect of The Bayrish Schreiber Mishmar Program are the Chavruta groups consisting of senior advisors and “their” freshmen.

Chaburah Learning

Given at regular intervals throughout the year, the Chaburah Shiur is a unique opportunity for our students to become teachers. With the guidance of their Rebbe’im and teachers, young men and women prepare and teach Shiurim to their fellow students. The Chaburah program is a special chance for our students to delve more deeply into their learning and develop their rhetorical and pedagogic skills.  It is inspiring to watch a hundred or more students remaining after school in the evening to learn from and with their schoolmate.

Chidon HaTanakh

Students who enjoy the study of Tanakh can further their learning in a competitive forum. By competing in the regional and national stages of Chidon HaTanakh, (The National Bible Contest), students compete for a chance to go to the International Bible Contest which is held in Jerusalem on Yom Ha’Atzma’ut each year.

We are extraordinarily proud of our students who have achieved success on the regional and international levels, including placing first among all non Israelis in  the international competition.

Torah Bowl

Frisch is a member of the Yeshiva Torah Bowl League. Students prepare specified sections of Humash and Navi and compete against other yeshivot in separate teams for boys and girls. Students prepare alone or with a Chavruta. Weekly meetings provide opportunities for students to review material in preparation for the competition.

Alumni / Student Learning

On Friday mornings, Frisch graduates return to Frisch to learn with current students, to the shared delight of everyone involved. This special Shiur is a unique opportunity for alumni to “give back” to their alma mater, serving as wonderful role models for Frisch’s newer generation and offering insight into their Israel and college experience as well as their perspective on the Frisch Experience.

Be’er Shavua

Be’er Shavua is a weekly publication of Divrei Torah on Parshat HaShavua, Yom Tov, and Halakhic issues by faculty and students. Be’er Shavua is printed and distributed weekly to Shuls throughout our many communities.

the yeshivot and seminaries that our graduates are attending this year

  • Aish Machal
  • Bar Ilan
  • Emunah V’omanut
  • Kivunim
  • Ma\’ayanot
  • Machon Maayan
  • Michlelet Esther
  • Michlelet Mivaseret Yerushalayim
  • Midreshet AMIT
  • Midreshet Harova
  • Midreshet Lindenbaum
  • Midreshet Moriah
  • Midreshet Yeud
  • Migdl Oz
  • Nishmat
  • Orayta
  • Sha’alvim for Women
  • Shalem
  • Tiferet
  • Yeshivat Ashreinu
  • Yeshivat Eretz HaTzvi
  • Yeshivat Har Etzion
  • Yeshivat Lev HaTorah
  • Yeshivat Maale Gilboa
  • Yeshivat Netiv Aryeh
  • Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim
  • Yeshivat Sha’alvim
  • Yeshivat Sha’arei Mevaseret Zion
  • Yeshivat Torat Shraga
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