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Freshman Electives:

Freshmen are given the opportunity to pursue their passion by choosing from the following electives: Foreign Language (Spanish or French), Engineering (strong math/science skills required), and the Arts Track (Visual Arts or Music).  The Frisch Arts and Engineering Tracks require interested freshmen to submit an application which demonstrates the student’s background and interest in their chosen specialty.

For questions or submission of Visual Arts application:
For questions or submission of Music application:
For questions or submission of Engineering application:

Engineering Track

Engineering students are challenged to expand their intellects and to develop skills in the areas of inquiry, critical thinking, problem seeking, problem solving, research, and presentation. Students develop the ability to access and analyze information, to view the world through multiple perspectives, and to make connections between the disciplines of science, technology, mathematics, and engineering (STEM).

Engineering Track Requirements:
1.Explain why you are interested in participating in Frisch’s engineering program. Do you have any prior experience in an engineering program, club, or project? Elaborate.
2.”Coding is the language of our future.” Explain why you agree or disagree.
3. Discuss a problem which affects society that you think could be solved or ameliorated through engineering. Suggest a solution.

Music Track

Under the guidance of our Director of Music, Mr. Steve Bill, the Music Track is designed to help students develop the skills necessary to compose, arrange, record, and perform music on a professional level. Students gain exposure to the latest recording technologies and composition techniques. The track also includes demonstrations by professional instrumentalists in the skill of writing music for the students’ specific instruments. In addition, students have the opportunity to compose music for film and video, as well as for the Frisch Performance Ensemble and Jazz Band. The goal of the four year Music Track is to equip students as professional performers, composers, orchestrators, music producers, or educators.

Music Track Submission Requirements:
1. Please submit a written personal statement answering all questions below.
a. Why are you interested in participating in the Music Track?
b. What performance-oriented musical groups have you participated in and what was your function?
c. Have you studied music formally? If so, what is the name of the class or private teacher and for how long have you been studying?
d. Do you have any knowledge of music theory? Please provide specific details.
e. Can you read music?
f. What instruments do you play? How many years have you played each?
g. Which are you most interested in: performance, composition, or arranging?
h. Please name some of your favorite musical performers (group or soloists) and composers.
2. Please upload an instrumental or vocal recording (up to 3 mins).

Visual Arts Track

The Visual Arts Track is a four-year course of study, developed by our Director of Visual Arts, Mrs. Ahuva Winslow. The track provides a dynamic curriculum within an environment conducive to artistic risk-taking and student expression. It enables students to acquire the skills necessary for lifelong artistic learning and application. The Arts Program accommodates individual learning styles and develops students’ skills working in a variety of techniques. Students have the opportunity to learn from contemporary artists and lecturers through the program and gain exposure to many art related opportunities and experiences. Implementing the elements and principles of design, students in the Visual Arts Track create a portfolio of work of the highest standard.

Visual Arts Track Submission Requirements:
1. Written Personal Statement: Compose a personal statement explaining why you want to join the arts track, what inspires your creativity, and what you want to get out of the art program at Frisch.
2. Art Requirement: Please submit 1 original still life in pencil, 1 color work of art, and 1 piece that represents your specific art interest (such as drawing, photography, graphic design, sewing, sculpture etc…) Please do not include any copied images of cartoons/animations or other famous art works.

The supplemental application for the Specialty Tracks in Visual Arts, Music, and Engineering appear below. A description of the Visual Arts and Music programs including the curricula can be found here.

The deadline for submissions of The Specialty Track Supplemental application is November 19, 2018.

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